Spoke Art de San Francisco propose une exposition-vente unique qui rend hommage à la filmographie de Stanley Kubrick. Une exposition des oeuvres de plus de 60 artistes internationaux. De The Shining à 2001 en passant par Orange Mécanique et Full Metal Jacket, de superbes peintures et illustrations disponibles en tirage limité. SpokeArt-Kubrick-01 SpokeArt-Kubrick-06 SpokeArt-Kubrick-01b SpokeArt-Kubrick-012 SpokeArt-Kubrick-010 SpokeArt-Kubrick-02 SpokeArt-Kubrick-09 SpokeArt-Kubrick-07 SpokeArt-Kubrick-05 SpokeArt-Kubrick-011 SpokeArt-Kubrick-03 SpokeArt-Kubrick-20 SpokeArt-Kubrick-055 SpokeArt-Kubrick-500 SpokeArt-Kubrick-0556 kate-copeland-SpokeArt-Kubrick SpokeArt-Kubrick-010 Spoke Art is proud to present: KUBRICK – An art show tribute to the films of Stanley Kubrick. Over 60 artists were invited to re-imagine their favorite characters, scenes and thematic concepts from one of the world’s most prolific directors. Spanning a plethora of mediums from sculpture and painting to limited edition prints, the show seeks to honor one of the 20th century’s most significant directors while also reinterpreting his impact in a contemporary context. Widely known for his controversial techniques and highly controlled directorial style, Kubrick has fabricated a diverse repertoire of films and imagined worlds for his viewers. One of the great idiosyncratic masterminds in history’s cinema, Kubrick has cultivated a noteworthy genre completely his own. Critical discussions of humanity, morality and social justice all appear in his work regularly. Contextually disparate but psychologically banded, all of Kubrick’s films challenge the viewer both intellectually and ethically. A true auteur, Kubrick’s work pushes our understanding of human nature to severe place. Extreme violence, salaciousness and deranged psychological behavior are commonplace motifs instrumented to establish Kubrick’s pessimistic undertones. Even through satire, Kubrick manages to take levity to a place of lunatic proportion. All the artists were allowed to select the film of their choosing, there were no guidelines on subject matter or content. Each artist was given free reign to re-interpret and render their take on Kubrick’s entire cinematic collection. Resulting in a variegated display, KUBRICK is an experiment in modernity, a cross-section between film and art. KUBRICK- An Art Show Tribute will debut on Saturday, September 6th, from 6pm – 10pm. There is no cover charge, complimentary beverages will be served and some artists will be in attendance. The exhibition will be on view until September 27th. Participating Artists: Aaron Jasinski, Adam Maida, Akira Beard, Alex Kirzhener, Anarkitty, Audrey Pongracz, Bartosz Kosowski, Brian Ewing, Brian Methe, Bruce White, Chris Skinner, Christine Aria Hostetler, Crowded Teeth, Cuddly Rigor Mortis , Cuyler Smith, Dave MacDowell, David Moscati, Doug LaRocca, Eiko Ojala, Fernando Reza, Geoff Trapp, Guillaume Morellec, Irma Rivera, Ivonna Buenrostro, Jayde Fish, Jesse Riggle, Jessica Deahl, Johannah O’Donnell, John Wentz, Jon Wayshack, Joshua Budich, Justin, VanGenderen, Kate Zambrano, Kate Copeland, Mandy Tsung, Matt Dye, Meghan Stratman , Michael Ramstead, Epyon 5, Nan Lawson , New Flesh, Nicole Gustafsson, Oliver Barrett, Rhys Cooper, Robert Wilson, Sam Gilbey, Sam Ho, Sam’s Myth, Sandi Calistro, Sarah Joncas, Steve Yamane, Thomas Walker, Tim Maclean, Tim Jordan, Tim Doyle, Tracie Ching, Van Orton Design, Veronica Fish.]]>