Columbia Museum of Art en Caroline du Sud, va ouvrir l’exposition Norman Rockwell: Behind the Camera. Peintre figuratif de la vie américaine du xxe siècle, Norman Rockwell est célèbre pour avoir illustré de 1916 à 1960 les couvertures du magazine Saturday Evening Post. Ce regard sur les photographies qui servir de base de travail aux illustrations richement détaillées de Rockwell, est aussi disponible en livre sur Amazon. (39 euros). norman-rockwell-behind-the-camera0 Norman Rockwell is one of the most famous and beloved American illustrators for his depictions of everyday life created with humor, skill, and emotion. However, it is little known that he staged photographs to make his popular covers of the Saturday Evening Post . This landmark exhibition includes 50 photographs that show the careful process Rockwell used to make his art, as well as 16 original paintings and drawings. Selecting props and locations, choosing and directing his models, he carefully orchestrated each element of his design for the camera before beginning to paint. This exhibition takes viewers « behind the scenes » in the creative process of one of America’s great masters. Exposition « Norman Rockwell: Behind the Camera ». Du 17 octobre au 15 janvier 2015 norman-rockwell-behind-the-camera2 norman-rockwell-behind-the-camera4 norman-rockwell-behind-the-camera4b norman-rockwell-behind-the-camera6b norman-rockwell-behind-the-camera6c norman-rockwell-behind-the-camera5 norman-rockwell-behind-the-camera7 norman-rockwell-behind-the-camera7v norman-rockwell-behind-the-camera8 norman-rockwell-behind-the-camera8b norman-rockwell-behind-the-camera10b norman-rockwell-behind-the-camera11 norman-rockwell-behind-the-camera12 norman-rockwell-behind-the-camera12b norman-rockwell-behind-the-camera14 norman-rockwell-behind-the-camera17 norman-rockwell-behind-the-camera22 norman-rockwell-behind-the-camera20 norman-rockwell-behind-the-camera-book via]]>